• Aims & Objectives

    The Project aims at creating, designing, developing and piloting a new occupation and qualification profile and correspondent training course on the subject of "How to implement sustainable manufacturing in Footwear" able to cope with the visible shortage of skills in this field, targeted to Footwear and Leather Goods sector. The project anticipates the major need of these skills and competences in the near future, mainstreaming it in Education & Training System and contributing for a systemic view upon the sustainable manufacturing strategy implementation in Footwear, for the benefit of the European Footwear Industry competitiveness and enhancement of job opportunities. Products include, among others, a b-learning course combining e-learning and work based training workshops, and will be delivered in 9 European languages (En, Pt, Sp, It, Ro, Sl, Cz, Fr & De).

    The project's specific objectives are the following:
    - To develop a deep knowledge on occupation and training needs to implement sustainable manufacturing in Footwear and possible already existing learning opportunities;
    - To develop a new occupation/qualification profile of the expert in sustainability, capable to deal with all the frameworks around sustainability;
    - To develop a learning programme able to cope with the identified training needs, according to European Common Framework on Vocation, Educational Training (ECVET);
    - To develop innovative training units;
    - To development the b-learning course, including e-learning component and work based learning workshops;
    - To pilot the results;
    - To create awareness for the need of a sustainable manufacturing strategy;
    - To exploit results through European, national and local networks and platforms, enterprises, business organisations, guidance organisations, as well as other relevant media, inside and outside Europe.
    - To enlarge the networking between the partners.
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