• The Project

    Sustainability in the footwear industry is seen as a subject of the major producers of sportswear, with many brands divulging their concern about protecting people and environment and adopting an environmental friendly communication approach.

    The market for "green shoes" is in an expanding development, reflecting the big change in the consumer behaviour, worldwide, representing a huge opportunity of growth for the Footwear sector in Europe, especially the casual/fashion segment. This segment of footwear is constituted by SMEs without qualified resources in the matter of sustainability, for whom it's important to develop competences and skills in this field.

    The main objective of the project STEP to SUSTAINABILITY is to design, develop and piloting a new job qualification profile and correspondent training on the subject of "Footwear Sustainable Manufacturing" able to cope with the visible shortage of vocational skills, potentiating the best use of the outcomes in the field of materials, machinery, processes, developed in the frame of many European Research & Development Projects with sustainable purposes, improving competitiveness in Footwear.
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